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Its unique design allows it to be compatible with any kind of switchboard whether its modern or 50 years old. Nothing can stand in ABROL Switch’s way.

We focus on providing the best in class retrofit automation products and solutions. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort in designing the perfect retrofit home automation solutions for our users so that they don’t need to rewire their existing architecture and replace any of the existing appliances. Our products and solutions go behind the existing switchboards and convert the normal switchboards into smart ones. This helps the users to control the appliances from anywhere in the world via ABROL Home Automation Application, Google Assistant, Siri or Amazon Alexa.

Why CHOSES US – Retrofit

No rewiring

Easy Installations by trained professionals

All appliances can be easily installed with the help of trained professionals, who will also guide you and help you regarding it.

Compatible with your existing appliances

Retrofit is compatible with all your existing appliances. It makes the appliances smart and assistive.

Syncs with your physical switches

You can use either the Smart Phone app or physical switches & when you use your physical switch it’s reflected in the Smart Phone as well.

Fits into existing homes

The switchboard module fits behind your existing switchboard panel, without altering your electrical wiring or the interior décor.

Simultaneous multi-access

Our Retrofit Automation system can be accessed from multiple devices, by multiple users, across multiple locations, simultaneously. So the entire family gets access on their own devices, wherever they are.

Easy to install

Open switchboard panel, install Retrofit module, close panel. It takes ~10 minutes to install, you could probably do it yourself.

Start small extend later

The Whole system is wireless & modular so you can start off with one room & extend it to other rooms later as and when you feel like.

Affordable & saves energy

The Whole System is easy on your budget with no recurring costs. Features such as auto cut off help you save energy while adding convenience.

Proactive Maintenance:

ABROL Switch is equipped to detect any voltage surges in your smart network adding an additional layer of safety to your appliances. You need not be worried about the damages due to voltage fluctuations anymore. ABROL Switch can safely handle the circuit power fluctuations.


The Touch Switches can be operated using Manual touch, remote or a mobile application /voice command. This brings you the added comfort and luxury at your Fingertips. It is very easy and convenient to use and operate, catering to the needs of the elderly, While also satisfying the demands of the new Generation.

  • Operating Voltage: 230 V AC.
  • Technology: Cap Sense 1 Million Touch Capacity.
  • Load: 6 AMP Load Max Current Per Load
  • Operating Environment: Temperature: 0 To 45 C Ambient Humidity: 5% To 90% RH
  • Load Type: CFL, LED Light, Tube Light, Resistive Load, Wired Incandescent Lighting.
  • Fan Speed Control


Works Remotely

With the help of the Our Mobile application, the device may be operated remotely and from any location in the world. Every node can be individually controlled by the user from any location.

Add Family Members

Multiple family members can be added to the mobile application by the primary user so that everyone in the family has full access to all of the gadgets in their home.

Running Time

The mobile application will allow the user to view all of the different devices’ operating hours.


Any individual load connected to the devices, such as lights, bulbs, fans, etc., can be scheduled by the user to turn on or off at a certain time. The device will obey the instructions at the specified time once the schedule has been configured. In order to make the schedules operate throughout the week and at any moment, the user can repeat them.


A Routine can also be created by the user based on the requirements. The user can program several appliances to turn on and off at different times throughout the day using a routine. The devices will reach their state at that moment after the routine is set. For instance, you could program your room’s fan to come on and the lights to go out at nine every morning.

Auto-off timer

In addition, timers that automatically switch off a certain appliance can be configured by the user. You might program the auto-off timer to turn off the geyser in 20 minutes, for instance


The user can design a workflow in the workflows depending on the sensor values. The user can control many appliances in the workflows to switch on and off depending on the sensor data. For instance, you could design a process that, when my living room temperature rises above 28° Celsius, automatically turns on the air conditioning and dims the LED lights.

Voice Control

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa may be used to control all of your gadgets, and you can even set Siri shortcuts to use Siri to manage your devices. 9. Scenes: In order to make particular alterations to the devices, the user may also construct a scene, which will be executed with a single button push. For instance, you could set up a party scene in which the TV is turned on, the lights are dimmed, the air conditioner is turned on, and the Audio/Video is set to its maximum level.


The history of any specific appliance can also be reviewed by the user. The user will learn more about the switching information for that appliance from the history report. The user can find out the time that the appliance was turned on or off, as well as “who” was in charge of doing so, in the history details. In the past, for instance, if you manually turned on the light at 9 AM, it will be updated as a manual off. You will be able to find out who controlled the device and when action was done if any of my family members used the mobile app to control the gadget at 9 AM or if action was taken on the lights at that time.

Device Warranty Status

The warranty cards are no longer a concern for the user. The ABROL mobile app itself allows you to check the status of each device’s warranty.

Power Consumption

The user can monitor the switchboard or appliance’s daily, weekly, and monthly power usage.

Intensity Control

OUR Mobile application allows the user to adjust the linked light’s brightness and fan speed.

Transform your house into a Smart Home.

We set out to find the best home automation system for your needs. Our team of home tech experts personally tested these options to find the ins and outs of each system. Based on factors like features, installation, and price, we found to be the best home automation system overall, so don’t hesitate just make inquiry; contact us @ 9915222897.